10 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Women Over 40



Your forties are a time when you’ve got life pretty much figured out. Many women in their forties have a strong career and a family and are moving forward at full force. Where the twenties were filled with uncertainty and naivety, the forties are often filled with confidence and a bit more wisdom. In addition to these important life changes, however, your skin has also likely changed as signs of aging begin to set in. Don’t panic! With a few adjustments to your skin care and beauty routines, you’ll be looking more fabulous in your forties than you ever could have dreamed in your twenties and thirties! Below are the top ten tips and tricks from makeup experts to help you look fab at forty!

10. Keep Up Your Skin Care Routine



While you might have gotten away with a quick 10 minute skincare and beauty routine when you were younger, you should plan to spend extra time on your skin now that you’re a little older. Wash your face twice a day (morning and night) and follow with a good moisturizer that’s targeted for your skin type. Make sure your moisturizer contains sunscreen with at least SPF 15. In addition to your moisturizer, a hydrating eye cream will be your new best friend. Feel free to venture into the vast world of anti-aging products if you’re really worried about signs of aging, but most skin responds just as well to daily cleansing and moisturizing, so don’t fall for any gimmicks!

9. All Over Your Face



Thick, oil-free and matte foundations are not ideal options in your forties, since you’ll find that many settle into fine wrinkles and pores, which is not a great look. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are a godsend for more mature skin! A light dusting of powder is okay, but don’t go all out like you might have done in your twenties and thirties, since that powder is almost guaranteed to settle into lines and wrinkles. Use powder only where you really need to, such as on your nose, forehead and cheek area. Keep the area around your eyes moisturized and avoid layering on too much makeup under the eyes. You may also find that you need a slightly different shade of foundation, since aging can case changes in melanin. Consider getting professionally matched to your perfect shade.

8. For Your Eyes



First things first – start off with a primer before you do anything else. This will help your eye shadow go on more evenly and help keep shadow in place all day. When using concealer, avoid the “raccoon circles” and only use concealer on the inner area of the eye. You can even mix your concealer in with a little eye cream for added moisturizing! Cream or matte powder shadows will work best, and try not to go too dark or sparkly with your eye shadow. Browns and soft gray tones should now replace the bright, bold colors of your twenties and thirties, which will give you a more mature, sophisticated look. Still, don’t be afraid to have fun and really play up those peepers! Just because the colors are more muted doesn’t mean you have to go for the natural look!

7. For Your Brows



You might be surprised how much of an impact properly-shaped brows can make on your entire look. Keep up on your brow maintenance and avoid overly-rounded or poorly shaped brows. Fill in your brows when you do your makeup, to cover up any sparse areas and give them a fuller look. A brow pencil is also great for covering up a gray or two, when necessary. The perfect brows should arch 2/3 of the way across your eye, and follow your natural brow line. You should avoid overly-thin brow lines, but you also don’t want your brows too thick and bushy, either. When in doubt, consider having your brows professionally shaped for you every few months, while you keep on top of any maintenance between appointments.

6. For Your Lips



Keep your lips soft and plump by paying extra attention to lip moisturizing and by using a lip plumper, when needed. You don’t need to spend a lot on a lip plumper, either. There are several drug store brands that work very well and don’t cost a fortune. A good lip plumper will help erase the fine lines around the lips, which can lead to feathering when you apply lip color. You should also line your lips any time you wear lip color, to avoid feathering or bleeding of color. Remember, your lip liner should always match your lip color, or be a shade lighter if you can’t find an exact match. Never wear a lip liner that’s darker than your lip color.

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