10 Reasons to go on an African Safari

Safari tourists on game drive in Serengeti


If you’re trying to come up with the perfect travel destination that’s filled with amazing scenery, fantastic adventure, and memorable experiences, an African safari is where it’s at. While there are dozens of reasons to visit this great continent, a safari is the perfect way to experience the wildlife, scenery, terrain, local communities, and simple ways of life that the locals lead. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should go on an African safari.

10. See Africa’s wildlife up close and personal

Cheetah on the Masai Mara in Africa


Forget about going to the zoo or a simulated safari somewhere local to get a look at a few African animals. Going on a real African safari will afford you the luxury of seeing incredible animals in their own real, natural habitats, which is something that a local animal amusement park simply won’t be able to fully mimic. Watch wild animals such as boars, lions and elephants roaming freely in the bush, and even fall asleep to the natural sounds of their surroundings. An African safari gives you the opportunity to take a rare and unforgettable glimpse of these rare and powerful creatures, all while immersing yourself in the beautiful and raw wilderness of Africa.

9. Escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle

Sunset safari


An African safari gives you the chance to swap the concrete jungle for natural terrain, which remains largely untouched other than to make it easier for people like you to take a memorable tour of this ancient landscape. These safaris provide people with the opportunity to get an entirely new change of scenery. Leave the fast-paced life that you know at home while you completely immerse yourself in a much more relaxed environment where the adrenaline rush you get is from a close up encounter with African wildlife! This experience gives you the perfect chance to recharge your batteries and explore untamed sites.

8. Learn what it’s like to live with the land

African woman at sunset


An African safari is unlike any other type of vacation. You won’t be visiting a world renowned city’s museums, nor will you be admiring a foreign city’s unique architecture. You won’t be attending extravagant dinner galas on a nightly basis, nor will you be checking out the latest Broadway show. Instead, on an African safari, you’ll be given the opportunity to truly understand and appreciate what it means to live life at its simplest. Regardless of whether you’re touring the wilderness of Zimbabwe, Kenya or Botswana, you will see how the tribespeople of Africa never take more from Mother Earth than they really need.

7. For a Special Occasion

wedding couple


While African safaris may attract many adventurists, these voyages are really ideal for just about any type of trip. There are family-friendly holiday packages available for parents and their children; there are wedding and honeymoon packages for those who are looking for a truly unique way to spend their new days as a married couple; there are also packages tailored for those who are looking for a memorable way to vacation with friends. Safari tour operators know Africa inside and out, and know how to travel on this vast continent, so you can unwind knowing you’re in good hands!

6. Tap into your adventurous side

Vorfahrt beachten!


If you’re one to look for the next adrenaline rush, there simply is nothing more thrilling and exhilarating than an encounter with a pack of lions just after a hunt, or crossing the path of an enormous elephant while on an off-road African safari vehicle. For an even greater thrill, get up close and personal on a guided walking tour! There’s one thing to see these majestic creatures on television or on the big screen, but there’s quite another to experience their sheer intensity in person!

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