10 Signs Your Relationship is Ready to Move to the Next Level



Good relationships can be fun, healthy, exciting and comfortable, but not every relationship is meant to last forever. Couples who plan to stay together must eventually decide whether to step up their levels of commitment. There is no set time frame on relationships – some couples may take years before they’re ready to turn things up a notch, while others are ready in just a few short months. Whether the next step for your relationship is moving in together or popping the question, it is important to know when the time is right. Keep reading to learn the ten signs you might be ready to take your relationship to the next level!

10. Your Eyes Don’t Wander as Often



It’s human nature to have the occasional wandering eye, even when in a serious relationship. However, people who are ready to get more serious about each other don’t have second-thoughts about their relationships. Wandering eyes are one one thing, but wandering hearts are not a good foundation to build a long-term relationship on. If you or your partner are still looking for greener grass elsewhere, you’re probably not ready to take things to the next level and may want to consider why you’re still in the relationship at all.

9. Jealousy Has No Place in Your Relationship



Jealousy usually boils down to insecurity, a lack of trust or both. A little jealousy is normal in any relationship, but rampant jealousy should be a huge red flag. Issues of jealousy must be taken care of before your relationship can become more serious. Otherwise the tension caused by jealousy will likely tear your relationship apart later on. Are you or your partner feeling insecure in the relationship? Do you have trouble trusting him when he does things without you? If so, find out why and work on solving the problem before you take things up a notch.

8. You Don’t do Everything Together



A common misconception about healthy relationships is that the couple should want to be together 24/7. While wanting to spend some free time with your significant other is definitely a good thing, spending every moment you have together is a recipe for disaster. Good relationships are ones where the two can have their own lives outside of each other. This gives you more to talk about when you are together, and allows you both to maintain a sense of independence, which is important in any healthy relationship.

7. You Support Each Other



Feeling like you’re supported by your significant other is huge in a relationship, especially if you want to take things to a more serious level. Whether it’s about the outfit you’re wearing to a friend’s wedding or choosing to attend graduate school, you need someone to support you in your choices. While family and friends are an important part of a person’s support network, your significant other, especially a spouse, should be the most supportive person in your life. Feeling like you don’t have the support of the person you love can lead to resentment and a lack of trust, which can mean disaster later on if left unchecked.

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