10 Things Your Man Will Never Tell You



Sometimes the truth can be awkward, uncomfortable, and even painful. There are a ton of things that your man is thinking, or may want to tell you, but won’t because he either doesn’t want to be judged, or simply doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or cause a fight. While many men try to be as up front with their women as they can, there are certain things that they’d just rather keep to themselves. The following are 10 things that your man will probably never tell you.

10. He Finds Your Friend, Sister or Mother Attractive



If you think she’s attractive, chances are your man does too. While beauty is often in the eyes of the beholder, there simply is no denying the fact that some women have the aesthetic appeal to attract other men – including yours. Men are well aware (or should be!) that revealing their feelings about another women’s level of attractiveness is nothing more than a fire starter. He’s not about to want to start a fight with you, so he’ll most likely keep his thoughts about your friend’s/sister’s/mom’s visual appeal to himself because it really does mean nothing to him.

9. He’s Not into Your Hobbies



While your common interests probably had a lot to do with why you two got together in the first place, that doesn’t mean he necessarily loves everything that you do or enjoy. There most likely are a few things that he does just to keep you happy. While you might love to watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode or stay up until the wee hours in bed reading every last word of 50 Shades of Grey, he’ll just sit there and be excited with you, but will take his hatred for them to his grave.

8. How He Really Feels about Your Family and Friends



If there is something about your friends or family that he doesn’t like, you’ll probably never find out about it. The topic of family and friends is always a touchy one, and is something that could really cause a riff between you and your man if all the dirty details of his feelings about them come out. While he may fully respect your family, he doesn’t necessarily want to hang out with them every weekend. Seeing them on occasion is great – and more than enough.

7. He’s Noticed You’ve Gained Weight



While you may think he doesn’t notice anything unless it’s super obvious, your man will certainly notice if you’ve packed on a few extra pounds. Whether you’ve fallen victim to the dreaded “couples weight” that often happens soon after getting together as a new couple or just after saying “I do”, he’ll most likely notice those few extra pounds that have magically appeared. This doesn’t mean is still isn’t attracted to you, but he’ll probably just keep his thoughts to himself about your recent weight gain – if he knows what’s good for him!

6. He Wants More Sex



This one’s probably a no-brainer, but your man will always want more sex. Just about every man walking the earth is a sexual being, and could probably handle all the sex that is thrown at them, no matter how often. They need to feel needed and wanted. It’s just part of their DNA. Men are always thinking about sex, and can never have too much. While many women will often come up with excuses as to why they don’t want to be sexually active at any given moment, men will rarely turn a sexual rendezvous down.

5. He Wants You Looking Your Best



Men appreciate when their women take the time necessary to take care of themselves and look their best. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a skinny supermodel who always has a hair blowout and wear mini dresses and sky-high stilettos. Rather, just putting in some effort to look your best is plenty, and you can trust that you will look fabulous in his eyes when you do. All men really want is for their women to fix their hair a little, and put on some makeup before seeing each other. Put on something that he likes, even if it’s super casual. Men are visual beasts and they love it when you look great in their eyes.

4. He Doesn’t Want You Wearing Loads of Makeup



While men do love their women to look their best – which includes putting on a touch of makeup – this doesn’t mean that you should load on the cosmetics either. Men aren’t exactly super fans of heavy eyeshadow or dark red lipstick. They don’t die for the extra cheek highlighter or the bright blue eyeliner. Instead, men like their women to appear naturally pretty, which means subtle makeup is best. They don’t exactly want their women parading around like beauty pageant queens with heavy makeup; instead, they just want their women to look themselves.

3. He Wants You to be His Biggest Cheerleader



Men like encouragement and support. In fact, they need it. They want to know that their women is in their corner, cheering them on in whatever endeavor they are involved in. Your belief in them is important. Men love the appreciation they get from the women they love, which really doesn’t take much effort to express. Just a simple ‘thank you’, a sweet smile, or a loving rub on the back is enough to show them that you believe in them and care about them, making them feel as if they can accomplish any goals or overcome any obstacles they may face in life.

2. He Needs Time with the Guys



Men love their independence. While they love spending time with their women, they also need a break once in a while to recharge their manhood and hang with the boys doing whatever it is that boys do. This doesn’t mean that they want to be left alone all the time, but they do enjoy doing other things without you once in a while without having to feel guilty about it. It’s important to give men some time to chill out on their own or with their buddies. Your man may want to tell you that he needs some independent time, but he’s probably afraid of offending you.

1. He Enjoys Hanging Out at Home



While your man thinks going out to the movies, to dinner, or to catch a baseball game with his honey is fun, so is staying at home. Being out every night is not only tiring, it’s also expensive. Men more often enjoy spending time at home watching a DVD or indulging in a home-cooked meal just as much as – if not more than – hitting the town on a nightly basis. Many times men are afraid to admit that to their women, because they’re afraid they’ll be though of as cheap or boring. While he loves spoiling you on a night out, he probably would rather chill out with you at home more often than not. If you have a job, though, he’ll be grateful if you treat him to a night on the town every now and then.

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