10 Valentine’s Day Gifts He’s Sure to Love


Every February men struggle to find the perfect gift for their Valentine, the gift that shows just how much they care and to make their loved one feel special. In makes sense that February 14th comes not without a sense of dread for many men. This year, you can make your man feel just as special by getting him the perfect gift: the gift that will make him look forward to Valentine’s day just as much as anyone else.  Many men can be difficult to shop for, so choosing the right gift may be just as difficult for you. Luckily, we have some great ideas to make your search easier. From essentials to entertainment, here are some awesome gifts that your man will be sure to love.

10. Bespoke Boxes



Subscription services are all the rage and they never saw a bigger year than 2014. This year, you can give the gift of a box from BespokePost. The monthly subscription service for men offers a limited-edition, themed collection of men’s lifestyle items each month from up-and-coming brands. Unlike many other subscription services that re-package essential style items and send them over, every month, BespokePost finds interesting, off-the-beaten-path products ranging from fashion to food to grooming and everything in between. To gift a Bespoke box, just purchase as many as you’d like to give and send the gift certificate links to your lucky recipients. They can watch how-to videos, read interviews with the makers of the products, and check out key tips and tricks to discover new ways of enjoying their haul.

9. Amazon Fire TV



With the Fire Stick, Amazon continued what Google started with the Chromecast, and they’re finishing it with the Amazon Fire TV. The Fire TV is a small box that the man in your life can connect to his HDTV. With it, he can enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, or Amazon Prime Instant Video. Watch ESPN, Pandora, and Youtube are also available. Other nifty features included with the Amazon Fire TV are the massive specs (it has 3x the processing power of Roku and Apple TV) and its voice search that actually works. He can also play games on it – Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Walking Dead are just two of the hit titles available.

8. The Sopranos Complete Series on BluRay

The Sopranos (HBO) 1999–2007

The Sopranos (HBO) 1999–2007

Widely considered the greatest television drama ever, aside from The Wire, The Sopranos is a timeless classic series your man can watch again and again to relive the show’s most memorable characters and moments. Previously available to own only on dvd and digital download, The Sopranos Complete Series Blu-ray presents all 6 seasons (86 episodes) in HD. Your man will be able to enjoy the Sopranos as if he were seeing it for the first time, taking in every detail as he never before could. And if he’s never seen it before, he won’t be disappointed. The Sopranos is a show with everything you could want in a television drama, including lots of deaths. The only downside to this amazing gift is that you probably won’t see him for a while afterwards.

7. FitBit Charge HR




For all the men trying to stay physically fit, the FitBit Charge HR combines your man’s love of fitness and gadgets. The FitBit Charge HR is an electronic bracelet that connects to his iPhone or other electronic handheld device measuring his heart rate, distance, calories burned and steps among other things. He will find this device useful for every day use and it may even become his addiction. Rest assured, the FitBit Charge HR will be well appreciated and will keep your man healthy and fit. And if he’s not currently exercising, this can be the subtle hint that will get him into it. He may even start to love it.

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