10 Ways to Control Heartburn

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If you’re wondering why your heart is on fire, it’s probably the acid reflux. There are medications you can take that are supposed to relieve these symptoms, but this is never the best course of action. In a holistic body approach, you should consider all of the contributing factors that are causing you to experience heartburn. These factors rely heavily on the foods you eat, how much and how often you eat. Here are 10 ways to control heartburn without any pill-popping required.

10. Keep a Record

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The best way to control an experience your body is having is by keeping a record of all of the incidents that occur. Every time you have heartburn, mark down the time of day and the date of the incident. Did you eat anything just before you had the most recent episode? The more details you include, the easier it will be to figure out what lifestyle changes need to occur to prevent further episodes from happening. Did you lie down, go to sleep, drink alcohol, or smoke a cigarette?

9. Cut the Tobacco

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This goes for cigarettes or chewing tobacco. The lower esophageal sphincter is responsible for keeping acid in the stomach. Nicotine relaxes your esophagus making it easier for the acid to travel upwards, which can cause heartburn sensations. Smoking may also minimize the amount of saliva that is produced, which would normally offset the stomach acid that is causing your heartburn symptoms.

8. Stay Away from Alcohol

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Like Nicotine, alcohol will relax the lower esophageal sphincter creating ripe conditions for burning heart sensations. It is best to avoid this entirely if you are looking to stay free and clear of heartburn. Of course, if you feel that isn’t an option, always practice moderation. Dilute any mixed drinks with additional water, and definitely keep your consumption to a minimum. Same goes for beer and wine. Try to stick to no more than two drinks on any given night, but avoid and limit your consumption as much as possible.

7. Don’t Lie Down After Eating



Make sure to stop eating food at least two hours before you go to sleep. When you lie down, you are exerting pressure on the lower esophagus. When you do this after you eat, there is a higher likelihood that you’ll experience symptoms of the acid reflux. Lying down with a full stomach doesn’t give your body the opportunity to properly digest the food you’ve sent down. Keep the after dinner snacking to a minimum, and avoid late night snacking altogether.

6. Lose Weight



If you are overweight, then the extra pounds are applying more pressure to the abdomen. More pressure in this area of your body is going to be more likely to cause acid reflux and heart burn sensations. Drink water a half hour before you eat to aid in digestion. Hot water would be even more beneficial. Go for a light walk after meals to allow gravity to do its work, while you also get a light form of exercise.

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