10 Ways to Love Your Workout



We all know that one person – the one who jumps out of bed before the sun rises every day and heads out for a morning run, or the one who happily spends a lunch hour sweating off breakfast at the gym down the street, while you’d rather sleep in or join your coworkers for mid-day drinks. Not everyone naturally loves to work out, but getting in plenty of exercise every day is important. If you find yourself constantly needing to talk yourself into a workout, there is hope! Experts agree that even you can learn to love your workouts (and even look forward to them), if you adopt the right habits. Keep reading to learn the top ten ways to love your workout!

10. Ask for Feedback



Have a bit of a competitive streak? Getting feedback on your workouts may be just the thing you need to stay motivated and push yourself a little harder. You don’t need a personal trainer to provide that feedback, either. With fitness technology built into everything from smart phones to wrist bands, you can have up-to-the-minute feedback right at your fingertips, all day long. Try using a step counter or fitness tracker app to get real-time feedback on your daily efforts, and use the information as motivation to beat your personal best every day. Not only will you have an extra push each day, but you’ll find yourself more connected to your workouts.

9. Find Workouts You Enjoy



There’s no rule that says exercise has to mean spending hours on an elliptical at the gym every week. If you truly want to learn to love your workouts, go out and find a workout you really enjoy and connect with. There are so many options for exercise that don’t involve sweating it out at the gym. From dance classes to kickboxing and martial arts, your options are limitless! Spend some time trying out different activities until you find one you really love, and incorporate that activity into your regular exercise routine to give yourself a workout you can look forward to!

8. Exercise with a Friend



Find a friend who has the same exercise goals as you do and buddy up. Not only will having a workout buddy give you some mental stimulation while you workout (which can take your mind off a dull workout), but you can also help keep each other motivated. Make a pact to hold each other accountable – unless one of you is injured or seriously ill, there’s no backing out of the daily (or weekly) meetup for a good workout. No excuses! As an added bonus, you’ll have someone there to push you a little harder than you might push yourself – and vice versa!

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