10 Yoga Styles to Amp Up Your Fitness

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In recent years, yoga has evolved from being a fitness activity practiced primarily by hippies to being so main-stream that it is embraced by celebrities, high-powered CEOs and soccer moms alike. While there are certainly those who would rather take on something more competitive or aggressive to stay in shape, it is the gentle strength of yoga that draws in so many. Those who have not yet jumped on the yoga bandwagon may be unaware that there are a wide variety of yoga styles, accommodating a range of fitness goals and health concerns. If you are intrigued by yoga, but have no idea where to start, here are some styles to consider when trying to up your fitness game!

10. Hatha

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If you just want to dip your toes in the yoga pool to see if this type of exercise is right for you then Hatha is a good place to start. This yoga form involves the basic yoga poses and usually moves at a gentle pace. Sometimes props such as bolsters and blocks are incorporated to aid students in refining their pose technique. However, those who are interested in really getting their hearts pumping should probably look to other forms.

9. Iyengar

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For those who enjoy Hatha’s focus on positioning and want to take it a step further, Iyengar yoga is a great choice. This yoga form is wonderful for those who may be battling a chronic injury or illness and are hoping to get back on the fitness path. In Iyengar, correct alignment is key. Positions can be adjusted to work around injuries and may even help with healing.

8. Ashtanga

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If you love routine and enjoy a thorough workout routine then Ashtanga is a good form to explore. The poses are always the same and the order in which they are performed remains constant, but do not mistake the ongoing routine for a leisurely pace. Ashtanga focuses on connecting the proper breath to each pose and the practice is demanding and strength building.

7. Bikram

Bikram yoga arda chandrasana pose at beach


You can break a serious sweat when you attend a Bikram yoga class. This style of yoga is practiced in a heated room and, like Ashtanga, follows the same sequence of poses each time (however it is a different routine than Ashtanga follows). Bikram promises to move oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and warm and stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments in the correct order to re-establish vitality and tone the body.

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