12 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend



Around the 6-month mark of a new relationship, you might begin to wonder about how open you can be with your new boyfriend. Of course you want to be honest with your new loved one, and you want to be able to tell him things, but not necessarily everything. Some things are better left unsaid, since they may do more harm than good, even with the best of intentions. While you might not see some facts as problematic, they may be an enormous problem for him, depending on the subject. So, while you should strive to be open an honest in your relationship, there are a few things that are better left unsaid. Here are 12 things you should be sure to never tell your boyfriend.

12. He reminds you of your dad



We all know what they say about girls and their fathers. They say that the guys women look for remind them of their father, especially when they are close to their fathers. Nevertheless, your boyfriend does not want to be thinking about this. Your boyfriend wants you to think he is attractive in his own way, not because of how much he reminds you of your dad. Telling him he acts like or looks like your dad will not flatter him. Avoid incestuous overtones in your relationship and just don’t say anything. If he’s the one for you, definitely don’t creep him out so early in the relationship.

11. He’s not your “usual type”



Never tell your boyfriend he’s not the kind of guy you would usually date. While you might think you’re making him feel like he’s a special snowflake, he might not see it that way. Don’t speak to your boyfriend about how he doesn’t have the body type, the size or the overall appearance to which you are usually attracted. No matter how many compliments you pay him, all he will think about are what he may now view as his inadequacies.  Like you, maybe even more so, your boyfriend wants you to love everything about him. If he thinks he’s too short, or his hair isn’t dark enough, or if he’s too fat or too skinny, he’ll never feel confident in your relationship. He will anticipate you leaving him for someone who is your “usual type.”

10. You still care about your exes



Part of you may still care about your ex-boyfriends, but your current boyfriend doesn’t want to hear that. If you’re friends with any of your exes, your boyfriend will prefer you were not. It’s alright to love and care about them as people, but keep that to yourself. Don’t gush about your exes to your new boyfriend or he’ll feel like that’s a relationship that can be revived, and he’ll have a hard time trusting you. If you are friends with an ex, don’t make a situation that is likely already uncomfortable for your boyfriend even more uncomfortable by talking about how great your ex is.

9. You hate his mother



You’re a daddy’s girl, and your boyfriend is a mama’s boy, and you’ll need to respect that. Without his mother, he would not have come into being. She carried him in her womb for nine months and raised him for 18+ years. Before you, she was the most important woman in his life, and she will always be an important part of his life. For this reason, you should never insult your boyfriend’s mother. Don’t tell him how much you can’t stand his mother, even if he has his own problems with her. That’s not an invitation to talk smack about his mother, but rather a time to listen with your lips sealed. And never ask him to choose between you and his mother. If you do, you might very well find yourself on the losing end.

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