14 Awesomely Epic Roller Coaster Photos


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Roller coasters are tons of fun. It’s not just the thrill from the high speeds or the epic heights that lends to their appeal. The wind in your face as you plummet from 10 stories in the air leads to an incredible feeling of weightlessness that is hard to beat. Riding a roller coaster makes you feel like you’re defying gravity, and nothing can feel as freeing as flying through the air.

Sometimes, however, riding a roller coaster can be utterly terrifying. In the following photos, you’ll see that not everybody has as fun of a time as you might expect. For some people, roller coasters are the stuff of nightmares. Whether it’s a fear of heights, or a fear of high speeds, some people just are not meant to ride roller coasters. On the other hand, some people have a little tomuch fun.

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First up: Dad, WHY?!

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