14 Shocking Celeb Couples

Source: Stefan Trautmann / WENN

Source: Stefan Trautmann / WENN

Nobody can doubt America’s obsession with celebrities. We are often interested in what our favorite celebrities are up to, and especially celebrity relationships. When two famous people come together the internet and the media explode. Often celebrities shock us, especially when they partner up with other famous personalities that we wouldn’t expect.

When two seemingly very different people come together, our first reaction is jaw-dropping. The result of these shocking partnerships, is a flood of congratulations from fans, or outcry from haters all over the internet. Though these celebrities may claim that their private lives are none of our business, they are in the public eye, and are a part of our lives whether they like it or not. With that said, here are thirteen celebrity couples who shocked us all!

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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson

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