15 Best Bra Brands You’ll Love to Wear

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A good bra is like a good pair of shoes – a bra that doesn’t fit right can throw off your entire ensemble, not to mention your comfort level. Good bras should provide you with perfect comfort in addition to beautiful, stylish looks. Aside from making sure that you find a bra that fits your cup size and your frame, it’s just as important to find one of high quality that’s made with good material and durable construction. But with so many brands of bras out there, how do you choose which bra is the best for you? The following are 15 of the top bra brands that you’ll absolutely love to wear.

15. Victoria’s Secret

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No “best bra list” would be complete without the famous Victoria’s Secret brand of bras and lingerie. The brand has a way of creating the most sultry pieces that make any woman feel sexy while also providing all the necessary support and comfort. Those with small breast sizes will fare well with a number of Victoria’s Secret’s push-up bras, which can turn an A-cup figure into a voluptuous one in a matter of seconds. As one of the most popular bra brands in the US, Victoria’s Secret offers stylish and affordable bras that can help you feel like a supermodel.

14. Chantelle

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A very popular French bra brand, Chantelle has been around for over 130 years making intimate apparel. This French undergarment company provides women with a variety of options in bras, from seamless, to classic, to seductive. Chantelle makes thousands of different styles of bras to fit women of any size, weight, and height, as well as to suit any mood or personality type. This bra brand effectively combines French elegance and style with the ultimate in comfort – a perfect combination!

13. Calvin Klein

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This company is one of the highest rated in the US in terms of bras and other types of apparel. Calvin Klein provides women with various trendy and sexy looks in their wide range of bras. The company is also known for offering perfect fit and comfort at the same time. Young women have taken notice of the brand’s Demi Cup and Push Up variations, given their versatility to wear with more revealing clothing.

12. Hanes

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This under-apparel company has been creating underwear for women since 1901, and has since developed a host of different styles of bras for various body types at affordable prices. The high level of quality in fabric and craftsmanship makes any Hanes bra as comfortable as can be. Hanes carries all types of bras, including sports bras, sheer bras and even lace bras.

11. Fantasie

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Fantasie is a God-send for fuller-busted women. The company has been creating beautiful, comfortable bras for full-figured women for years, and always keeps them in mind when creating pretty braziers such as their underwire, full-cup and seamless cup varieties. Their bra sizes start at 30D and go all the way up to 40G, all at affordable prices — they start in the low $40s. Think of Fantasie as the bigger, more serious sister to trendier brands like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret.

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