15 Celebs You’d Never Guess Went Full Frontal On Film

While plenty of celebrities have held a gun on camera and committed heinous acts of violence, that never seems to shock us as much as a celebrity baring it all on camera, showing us the most intimate parts of their body. It’s especially shocking when its a respectable celebrity we never thought would sacrifice their dignity for the sake of artistry.

Jason Segel promoting his latest book 'Nightmares!'


It’s a rite of passage for a celebrity to bare it all on film. It’s dedication to the arts for some of the celebrities on our list to have appeared fully nude in the films listed here, but for others, it was a sense of comedy that led to their big reveal. Either way, you’d never guess that these celebrities have had the courage to appear fully nude for millions to see.

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall," Universal Pictures

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Universal Pictures

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