15 Ideas for Unforgettable Date Nights



Date nights can be an important part of staying connected to your partner and keeping your relationship vibrant, but coming up with new and exciting ideas can be exhausting. If you’re ready to move beyond the old standby of “dinner and a movie,” check out these wonderfully romantic date night ideas that will help put the sizzle back in your relationship, whether you go out for a night on the town or opt for a romantic date night in.

15. Turn Up the Heat!



If your date night always defaults to dinner out, consider staying in and stirring things up in the kitchen instead. Cooking dinner together can be a sweet way to reconnect while preparing a delicious meal. Work together to choose a dish for each of you to prepare, set the table with your finest place settings, turn up the tunes, and have some fun while you cook together! When dinner is done, kick back and relax while enjoying the fruits of your labor with a nice glass of wine and plenty of intimate chit-chat.

14. Take One For the Team!



If your other half is a sports fan, turn a favorite pastime into a terrific date night! Two tickets for the bleacher seats, a couple of hot dogs and some cold drinks are all you need to turn a run-of-the-mill date night into an exciting time watching a favorite sports team together. Your guy (or gal!) will love that you took an interest in something he enjoys, so you’re bound to score a few points of your own before the night is through!

13. Bring the Luxury of a Spa Home



What better way to ease each other’s tension than with a relaxing spa night in the comfort of your own home? Stock up on some luxurious essential massage oils, light up the bedroom with lightly scented candles, turn down the lights and turn up your favorite soothing soundtrack. Take turns massaging each other’s worries away with warm scented massage oil and enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company while turning date night into some much-needed time for sensual relaxation and bonding.

12. Take the Romance Outdoors



Looking for something new and romantic to do with your sweetie on date night? A picnic may be the perfect private getaway for some alone time. Pack up your favorite finger foods and a nice bottle of wine or champagne, grab a blanket big enough for two and head off to your favorite outdoor spot. Whether it’s the woods, a sandy beach, a quite spot next to the lake or your own back garden, a picnic together is a great way to bond and reconnect while enjoying the great outdoors.

11. Tee Up!



For a fun alternative on date night, consider showing off your lighter side by taking your sweetie miniature golfing. If the weather is right, mini golf can be a great way to get active while having a great time together. Want to spice things up a little? Turn your game of mini golf into a friendly competition – winner buys dinner later! Even if neither of you are avid golfers, a game or two of miniature golf is sure to amp up the fun on date night!

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