15 Nerdy Child Stars Who Got Hot

Christina Ricci, wearing Alexander McQueen

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The nerdy kid is a classic character type featured in film and television through the years, and never before have nerds been so entertaining. Remember annoying Luke Brower on Growing Pains? Creepy little Wednesday Addams on The Addams Family? How about kid genius Doogie Howser or dorky Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter? We all know of at least one or two child stars who fell firmly on the awkward or nerdy side of the spectrum, who endeared themselves to viewers as we watched them grow up onscreen.

Looking at these child stars then, you’d never think for a second those awkward kids of yesterday would grow up to become some of the most talented and sexy stars in Hollywood, but they sure did! They may have been late bloomers back then, but oh boy! Just look at them now! Here are some of the most beloved nerdy child stars whose  looks, like wine, have improved with age.

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