15 Ways to Get Over Your Ex



A difficult break up can feel like the end of the world, especially if you’re the one being broken up with. Even a brief relationship can leave people feeling broken in its wake. That said, life goes on after breaking up, and people who get stuck in the past are likely to miss out on the next opportunity. Are you afraid of getting caught in that deep, dark place where happy thoughts go to die? Don’t do it! You need to get over your ex immediately, and here are some things that can help.

15. Liberate Your Social Media Profiles



Of all the things that aren’t helpful after a breakup, seeing how happy your ex is without you could arguably be on top of the list. Even if you parted on good terms, unfriending or blocking your ex for awhile can give you time to clear your head. Otherwise, each buzz from your smartphone may send your subconscious into a frenzy.

14. Safeguard Your Cell Phone



Nothing good ever comes from calling your recently departed ex. Unless you and your ex have a pre-existing friendship that transcends your relationship, then you should remove your ex’s number from your phone. Even if you are still friends, you can write your ex’s number down on a piece of paper and leave it at home, just so you can remove the digits from your digital address book. Anything to remove temptation is helpful.

13. Have Standards When Rebounding



In the heat of the moment, a completely casual rebound relationship may seem like a great idea – but is it? Rebound relationships are extremely common (and short-lived), but they can do more harm than good if you’re not careful. The fact you’re going for a rebound relationship means you’re vulnerable. With this in mind, set some ground rules for dating while you’re still getting over your ex. Don’t lower your standards for instant gratification, or you might regret it in the morning.

12. Have Fun with Your Friends



It’s normal to want to lay low and lick your wounds after a break up. However, staying home with the cats and watching “Titanic” on Netflix will just make things worse. Round up your posse and go out for some drinks. See a movie, go dancing, get tickets to a concert or ANYTHING to get out and enjoy life. Being in a relationship has its perks, but so does having complete freedom.

11. Find Healthy Outlets for Negative Feelings



Anger, jealousy and bitterness are common reactions to a break up. The problem is, nobody likes hanging out with people who are angry, jealous or bitter. You won’t like yourself much if you feel that way, either. While these emotions may be unavoidable, you can help by finding positive ways to vent your negativity. Rather than be a Negative Nancy around your friends, try going for a run, doing some yoga or cooking your favorite meal. Anything that brings you happiness will leave less room for the bad.

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