15 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

10. Cleanse Your Home



Your home should be your safe haven. With that in mind, remove any photos, notes, bathroom supplies or other trinkets that remind you of your ex. Place all these items in a box and ask your ex to come pick them up. If you don’t want to see your ex, then work through a mutual friend to return his or her belongings. You can always send your ex’s stuff to the trash, but that’s a last resort.

9. Be Crazy in a Good Way



Go skydiving. Take an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. Try ziplining or white water rafting. Do something crazy and get your heart pumping. It’s hard to feel down when you feel so alive.

8. Ramp Up Your Exercise Regimen



Exercise is awesome for your body and your mind. A long session of cardio or weight training causes your body to produce endorphins that promote increased energy and positive thinking. Improving your fitness can also be a great confidence booster. Also, let’s face it – next time you see your ex, wouldn’t you rather be in great shape?

7. Enroll in a Class



Enrolling in a class to learn a new skill – whether that’s creative writing, music, painting or fencing – is a great way to enrich your life. A painful breakup can leave you feeling like you’ve lost something; finding ways to improve yourself and add to your life can help you overcome those feelings of loss.

6. Put an End Date on Mourning



It’s natural to be sad after a breakup, but to be devastated for prolonged periods of time isn’t healthy. If you’ve crossed the line from sadness to despair, make goal to stop mourning by a certain date. Put it on your calendar if you must. Being sad is one of the first steps of the healing process, but eventually, you’ve got to move to the next step if you want to get over your ex.

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