16 Most Terrifying Moments in Horror Movies

Every great horror movie has that certain moment that stays with you forever. Like Hannibal Lector’s scalpel, these frightening moments in cinema cut straight to our cores, shocking our senses and scarring our subconscious. It matters not when these scary movies become old and dated, because the terror of the moment never changes. That’s why our skin still crawls when thinking of these scenes – and it’s why we’re also so eager to revisit their magnificence.

The Shining (1980), YouTube

The Shining (1980), YouTube

We put our heads together (with all the lights on) to compile our list of the most shocking, disturbing and iconic moments in horror movie history. Some of these moments, you maybe never heard of them. Others might haunt you whenever you close your eyes. Here are the top 16 moments. You’ve been warned – proceed with caution.

Friday the 13th (1980), YouTube

Friday the 13th (1980), YouTube

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