16 Most Terrifying Moments in Horror Movies

16. The Blair Witch Project

The Moment: Mike Stands in the Corner

After days of terrifying isolation – and hours after their friend, Josh, goes missing — young filmmakers Mike and Heather can hear Josh screaming from somewhere deep in the wilderness. Guided only by the light of their handheld video cameras, they race into the woods to find him, but instead find a decrepit old house. They go inside.

Blair Witch Project (1999), YouTube

Blair Witch Project (1999), YouTube

Josh’s screams are coming from upstairs. Mike and Heather climb to the second floor. The light from their cameras illuminates tiny bloody hand prints covering the walls; could this be where the witch made children stand in the corner while killing them one by one? Suddenly, Josh’s screams come from downstairs. Mike disappears into the depths. By the time Heather catches up, there’s Mike – standing perfectly still in the corner. All Heather can do is scream; the last thing the audience sees is her camera fall to the ground. The credits roll.

Blair Witch Project (1999), YouTube

Blair Witch Project (1999), YouTube

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