21 Pics of Your Childhood Crushes – Then and Now

Couldn’t stop thinking about Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell”? Or maybe you were infatuated with the hunky lead singer of the hottest boy band? If you grew up in the 1980s or 90s, then you undoubtedly crushed on some of the sizzling teenage celebrities who heightened our appreciation for cutoff jeans and tank tops. Beyond just being eye candy, these high-profile celebs brought some of our most classic songs, shows and films to life.

Poison Ivy (1992), YouTube

Poison Ivy (1992), YouTube

When is the last time you checked up on your old childhood crush? Believe it or not, some of these celebs who were hot as teenagers look even better now! In this slideshow, we’ve tracked down 21 of the most iconic heartthrobs from your childhood to give you a glimpse of what they’re up to today.

Saved by the Bell (1989-93), YouTube

Saved by the Bell (1989-93), YouTube

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