25 Child Stars You Probably Forgot About

Remember Chunk and his epic Truffle Shuffle? What ever happened to him? Kid stars – you love them in the moment and then forget about them once they’re out of the spotlight. Those cherubic faces and precocious quips lure you right in, but unless they have some serious Hollywood roots, child stars often fade away as quickly as they hit the scene – sometimes its because they’ve lost that angelic and cute quality, other times it’s because they lost interest themselves.

Goonies, 1985

The Goonies (1985), YouTube

While some child stars you hear about every now and then with stories of drug or alcohol abuse, or you see their next reality television appearance, many you never hear from again. Thus they remain celluloid only to be forgotten until you turn on the television and discover them once again. Here are a few that may have slipped your mind.

The Wonder Years, YouTube

The Wonder Years (1988-1993), YouTube

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