18 Hottest Tattoos You’ll Find on Basic Girls

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Basic girls of the world, we know you’re reading this because you either adore cute little tattoos or are irritated we used the term “basic.” But don’t fear the label — embrace it, literally! We know you want one of those tiny, artsy tats you found on Pintrest. And we decided to help by rounding up even more cutesy inks that would look great with your Uggs and leggings (jk)!

So if you can peel your eyes away from “Pretty Little Liars” (or just wait until it’s over, which we totally understand), here are some of the best butterflies, anchors, stars and other symbols that could enliven your next selfie. You may be basic — and really, isn’t everyone a little bit basic? — but why let that keep you from your beautiful, meaningful ink?

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The Feather Tattoo

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