25 Celebrity Photos That Nearly Broke Instagram

Amazing things happen when celebrities post photos on Instagram.

Many celebrities use Instagram to connect with their fans, but a great deal of their uploaded photos are anything but staged photo ops. Some celebrity Instagram photos remind us that even the brightest stars have regular lives, while other pics shed light into just how crazy the celebrity life must be. From fantastic selfies to sassy, risque party pics, today’s tech-savvy stars and entertainers have a knack for keeping us guessing what they’ll do next. Instagram offers a real-time window into the unorthodox lives of the rich and famous.


Source: Instagram

Our fascination with celebrities knows no bounds, and our obsession manifests itself by our crazy reactions to their private lives. Here are 25 of the best celebrity photos that nearly broke Instagram, the Internet and us.


Source: Instagram.com/justinbieber

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First Up: Lindsay Lohan

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