4 Best Treadmills of 2015

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With spring just around the corner, time is running out to get that perfect beach body. In addition to finding the perfect healthy diet, people are looking for the perfect workout machines to help them get in shape. For people who enjoy running, the top choice of workout machine is the treadmill. Hundreds of home treadmills have invaded the market offering consumers many options to choose from. Finding the best treadmill to suit your needs can be a daunting task; each treadmill offers unique capabilities and features, so finding the right model requires a bit of research. In order to relieve the stress of shopping for a treadmill, here’s a list of the best treadmills of 2015. Based on customer satisfaction, features and durability, either of these treadmill models will help you chase a better body from the comforts of your own home.

Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer

Running on an incline is great for losing weight. The greater the incline, the harder you’ll work and the more calories you’ll burn. The X9i treadmill can offer a 40 percent incline and a 6 percent decline. At the full 40 percent incline, walking can burn around five times as many calories as walking flat, boosting your metabolism and toning of the muscles. When running, the benefits of the X9i are even better. Powered by a 3 horsepower motor, this treadmill offers a lifetime warranty and a long track, making falling off less likely. An 8inch fan built into the treadmill can help keep you cool through intense fat-burning workout, while a 10-inch color display allows you to browse your email or Facebook page while exercising. Additionally, this treadmill features 44 preset programs to help you get into shape. The heart rate monitor sensors on the handles track of your heart rate while connectivity with iFit Live can help keep your blood pumping. The X9i Incline Trainer by Nordictrack is a great option for people looking to lose weight and endurance runners hoping to improve their fitness levels.

ProForm PRO 7500

The ProForm PRO 7500 is a top treadmill of excellent value. For individuals with enough space for a large machine, this treadmill features a 60 by 22 inch track, which is plenty of space for your workout even if you have a long stride. The 4.0 CHP mtor comes with a lifetime guarantee. Like the X9i, the 7500 features iFit allowing users to socialize and workout at the same time via the Internet. The treadmill inclines at 15 percent and declines at -3 percent. The 7-inch touch screen console includes 34 built-in programs aimed at your specific goals. In addition, an iPod port allows playback of music through the console speakers making it easier to enjoy music during your workout.

NordicTrack Commercial 2950

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 model features a 22 by 60 inch belt and 25 CHP drive. The motor is both quiet and durable and has a lifetime warranty. The belt itself is 2 inches wider than normal and is designed specifically to be silent, especially compared to other treadmills on the market. Cushioning can be activated or deactivated. When activated, impact on joints while exercising is reduced by 30 percent, so you are not damaging your knees as you run. When deactivated, the treadmill feels as though you are running on asphalt. The 2950 can lift up to 15 percent and decline to -3 percent. A Bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor interacts with the console to keep track of your heart rate. This treadmill also includes an iPod port with built-in speakers for music playback, in addition to a 15-inch high definition television. Furthermore, a Web console allows you to track progress as well as browse the Internet, and 40 included workout apps can help you speed train, burn calories and regulate your heart rate. Two fans are included which automatically adjust to your running or walking pace. Lastly, the treadmill can be stored vertically to take up less space.

Lifespan TR4000i

The Lifespan TR4000i includes an extremely quiet 3n25 CHP motor with a lifetime guarantee and a motorized incline with 15 different angles. The speed levels can be adjusted from .5 mph to 12 mph. The model is ideal for homes with not a lot of space; it’s only 74 by 33 inches when in use and 42 by 33 inches when folded. Finally, this treadmill features 19 preset workouts. While not the most extravagant treadmill on the market, it is well-worth its price and was voted “the #1 treadmill” by Health Magazine.

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