5 Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Bed



Think you don’t have the time or energy to exercise? Think again! With these five exercises you can do without even getting out of bed, you’ve officially lost all excuses for missing your daily workouts. Don’t think that just because you’re still in bed you aren’t getting pretty decent workout, though. These exercises are specifically aimed at targeting your core, tummy, bottom, hips and thighs, for an effective workout right from the comfort of your mattress.

5. Side Plank and Twist



Lie on your side with your forearm on the bed and assume a side-plank position (see photo above), while keeping your body as straight and rigid as possible. Keep your core muscles engaged while holding the pose. Stretch your free arm up toward the ceiling and then slowly lower your hips back down toward (but not touching) the bed. As you bring your hips back up again, twist your upper body so you’re facing the bed (with your hips remaining stationary) and swing your arm under before reaching back up and raising your hips, in a single twisting motion. You should feel this exercise in your abs, obliques and triceps muscles. After you’ve done a few reps on one side, switch to the other side for a second set.

4. Marching Hip Raise



Start off on your back with your hips raised and your feet flat on the mattress (see photo above). Make sure your arms are flat against the mattress, as well, and your palms are facing downward. Engage your glutes (buttocks) and lift one leg up slightly and extend the knee, hold for a few seconds, bend your knee and bring the leg back down with your foot flat against the mattress again. Repeat with the other leg. Once you’ve done both legs, you’ve completed a single rep. Continue to alternate until you’ve completed 20 reps (or more, depending on your current fitness level and exercise goals). You should feel this exercise in your glutes, thighs and abs.

3. Reverse Crunches



Like on your back with your arms stretched out, palms facing down (see photo above). Keep your knees and feet together and raise your legs and hips off the mattress in one smooth motion, while pressing your palms into the mattress for support. Try to keep your legs as vertical as possible and avoid bringing them up over your head. You should be able to clearly see your toes. From this position, drive your hips upward, raising your legs higher, then bring your hips back down slightly, without touching them to the mattress. Repeat for 20 reps (or more, depending on your current fitness level and exercise goals). You should feel this primarily in your lower abs and thighs.

 2. Leg Scissors



Lie on your back and support your upper body on your elbows (see photo above). Slowly bring your legs up, without moving your hips off the bed, so your body forms a ‘V’ and your core muscles are engaged. While holding this position, slowly move your legs apart and back together again in a “scissor” motion. If you find this position too difficult, try laying down flat on your mattress and raise your legs as far as you can while doing the scissor motion. Repeat for 20 reps (or more, depending your fitness level and exercise goals). You should feel this exercise primarily in your abs, thighs, lower back and legs.

1. Jack Splits



Lie flat on your back with your legs outstretched, then slowly raise your upper body and your legs at the same time to form a “V” shape, while also spreading your legs into a ‘V’ position, as in the previous exercise. As your legs and upper body come up, reach one or both hands between your legs before coming back down again, coming to rest with your hands above your head. Repeat for a total of 20 reps (or more, depending on your fitness level and exercise goals). You should feel this exercise in your upper and lower abs, chest, quads and glutes.

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