5 Hollywood Hairstyles You’re Sure to Love

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For decades, all eyes have turned toward Hollywood to learn the latest and greatest style cues for the season. Hollywood starlets notoriously don the best hairstyles to wow crowds at big events, and celebs often give their stylists free reign to try traditional and modern looks. When something works well (or not!), everybody notices. Of course, not everyone can have a personal stylist at their disposal, but we can look to Hollywood for inspiration! View the slideshow to see the top five celebrity hairstyles to try this season!

5. The Up-Do

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The elegant updo works for nearly any event from sports retreats to classy dinners. The sheer number of up-do configurations can transform your look from formal to casual with just a few swipes of the brush. You can channel Marge Simpson’s classic beehive, Selena Gomez’s beautiful faux bob or Jennifer Lawrence’s sweet chignon. Whether you’re running errands or going out on the town, don’t forget about the ever-functional ponytail or tight bun. You can even use an old sock to create a wide messy bun! Your options are nearly limitless with this classic style.

4. Braided

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If you prefer a fun look that’s both functional and elegant, try tying your hair up in braids. You can wear messy loose braids or tightly wrapped, pinned ones with nearly any outfit. Braids stay in place while dancing the night away or running your way across the field. If you love the pinned look, emulate the braided crowns expertly worn by the talented singer-songwriter-actress Keke Palmer. Gorgeous actress Nichole Richie frequently shows off her classic French braid while taking her kids to the park or going to red carpet events. No doubt about it, the braid will always be a go-to winner!

3. Tousled

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The amazing halo of spiky tousled hair made famous by chef Anne Burrell may inspire you to create a look all your own. If you prefer a lower key hairstyle, you can create a tousled look without the ferocious spikes. Celebrities are enjoying the ability to wear this softer ‘I-just-woke-up’ look during formal events without media backlash. For example, Victoria Beckham recently traded in her dramatic inverted bob for the tousled look that softens her features beautifully. She even wore her hair that way while accompanying her son, Brooklyn, to the LG Fashion Touch party. The best part about the tousled hairstyle is how simple the look is to acheive. Simply apply your favorite hair product to damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser, paying special attention to the roots. Finger-comb as you go until you get the look you want!

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