5 Most Comfortable Brands of Designer Jeans

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From soccer moms to celebrities – everyone loves jeans! A good pair of jeans can be worn virtually anywhere these days, whether you’re hanging out at the house or headed off to a dinner party. Designer jeans, while more expensive than bargain brands, are cut specifically to fit great and enhance your figure. Not all designer jeans are created equal, however, and some are definitely more comfy to slip into than others. Check out our picks for the five most comfortable brands of designer jeans!

5. Jennifer Lopez Jeans

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J-Lo is famous for her figure that just doesn’t quit, so it’s no surprise that her jeans maintain their sexy shape, as well, even after several washings. While these jeans may take a little extra care than normal (you can’t just toss these into the dryer after washing), they’re definitely worth the extra effort. Trust us when we say the comfort and style you’ll get out of these jeans is worth every penny they cost!

4. Vera Wang

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If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that are comfortable, fit great and look stylish, Vera Wang is the designer for you. These jeans enhance your curves beautifully without needing to constantly pull up on the waistband to make them stay in place. They are soft and “give” with you in the right places, so they never pinch or bunch up during wear. These are the jeans you don’t rush to the bedroom to yank off immediately at the end of the day, and you’ll be surprised at how many compliments you get while you’re wearing them!

3. True Religion

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Everyone will notice when you step out weaing a pair of True Religion designer jeans. Not only do they offer a truly great fit, but they come in the perfect length, especially for taller women who usually can’t find jeans that are long enough. No more tugging at the hem of your jeans to make them stay there. These jeans keep their shape and give you the perfect look, no matter what your body type.

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