5 Tasty Beverages That Won’t Sabotage Your Low-Carb Diet

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Are you looking for a drink or cocktail that won’t undermine your low-carb diet? Don’t settle for just water or unsweetened tea — a number of alcoholic beverages are tasty, refreshing and won’t leave you drowning in guilt. Alcoholic beverages may not be the best choices for people who are dieting, but being on a diet doesn’t mean you should stop having fun every now and then! Keep reading to discover five tasty cocktails that can help you cut loose while still keeping carb counts to a minimum!

5. Dry Wine

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For alcoholic beverages, dry wine is easily the best low-carb option. Depending on the brand of wine, the carb content ranges from less than half a gram up to 5 grams per 5 ounce serving. When fermentation occurs, the yeast eats the carbohydrates. This means that the sugars that are left after the fermentation process contribute to the carb content of the drink. This drink is tasty, contains anti-oxidants and is beneficial for heart health when consumed in moderation. Tip the glass, enjoy the taste and don’t get too tipsy.

4. Pina Colada

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All distilled liquor has a net carb content of zero grams. They can have around 90 calories per 1.5 oz shot, which might still be a concern. If carb content is your only battle, you need to only consider the mixer by not using sugary juices and sodas. For this drink, combine two cups of ice, a quarter cup of water, a quarter cup of dark or golden rum, and a packet of sugar-free pineapple mix. Put the ingredients in a blender, get your glass ready and enjoy a zero-carb delicious tropical drink from the comfort of your couch.

3. Margarita



This is another net zero-carb recipe that allows you to have a few drinks with your friends while still conforming to your diet. You’ll need a blender with a pulse setting, a bottle of tequila, and a sugar free drink mix of choice. Use four ounces of tequila with 16 ounces of your sugar-free drink mix. Fill the blender half full of ice for a frozen version and pulse until complete. You can use any flavor of mixer, depending on the flavor of margarita you prefer. Salt and lime wedges are optional.

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