5 Things You Should Know About Drinking in Airports



Whether you’re an anxious flyer or you’re just looking to kill a little time during that 2-hour layover in Dallas, having a few drinks at the airport bar can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself until boarding time. You can calm your nerves and have some great conversations with fellow travelers before the mad rush to the boarding gate begins, but the rules for drinking at an airport aren’t always the same as they are at your friendly neighborhood pub. From frequent flyers to first-time travelers, you can get a lot more out of this popular pre-flight pit stop when you understand the rules of airport drinking. Below are the top five things you should know before stopping in for a cold one at the airport.

5. Order Whatever You Want, No Matter What Time It Is



Out in the real world, ordering a round of shots at 9 a.m. might land you on the latest episode of Intervention, but airports are a sort of time vortex where anything goes, pretty much anytime. Your bartender isn’t going to blink an eye if you order a margarita (or three) with breakfast, so don’t feel obligated to stick to a Bloody Mary or mimosa before noon. That said, keep in mind that you are, in fact, in an airport bar, so keep drink orders relatively simple and your expectations low. While your favorite pub back home might make the perfect martini, your airport drink is likely to be a bit underrated, especially if you’ve ordered a complicated drink. If you’re getting ready to jump on your flight within the hour, you should also keep in mind that flying tends to dehydrate you, which can make the effects of any alcohol you consume feel intensified, so go ahead and accept that water the waiter keeps offering to bring you.

4. You Should Definitely Opt For The Double



Airport drinks are notoriously overpriced, just like the magazines, bottles of water, stale bagels, questionable sandwiches and anything else you might purchase in the airport. If you want to get a bit more bang for your buck, go ahead and opt for the double, which usually runs just a few dollars more than the single. So, if a single is $8 and a double is $10, you’re basically cutting the per-drink cost by going with the double instead. Drinks tend to be poured fairly weak in airports compared to your regular bar or club anyway, so you might as well pay slightly more for a stronger drink. For beer drinkers, many airport bars also offer a “double” version of draft beers, which gets you close to double what you’d get if you just opted for the standard size. The bottom line is, if you’re drinking in an airport bar, always get the double. Always.

3. Feel Free To Strike Up A Conversation



One of the most fun things about drinking in an airport is the fact that you’re not likely to see any of those people again. Unless, of course, they end up in the seat right next to you on the plane. Still, airport bars are a great place to strike up a friendly conversation with the person next to you. Chances are, they’re looking for a little pre-flight distraction just like you are, and will welcome the small talk. Don’t assume this applies to everyone, however, and take a minute to gauge responses just like you would in any other social situation. If they’re giving you short, one-word answers while slowly edging away from you, they’re not interested in chit chat. If they seem open to a conversation, however, feel free to spend a little time connecting with a fellow traveler!

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