5 Throwback Styles You Need in Your Life (and How to Pull Them Off)



If you lived through the 80s or 90s, chances are good you’ve already seen (and probably rocked) all of these styles, but did you ever think crimped hair and scrunchies would make their way back into style? We can’t promise Bedazzling or mullets will ever be trendy again, but some things are definitely better the second time around! Bring those old-school inspired trends into the new era, while staying true to your inner 80s rocker girl, and add a new twist to your favorite throwback styles with these five re-inspired blast-from-the-past trends!

5. Hologram Eyes



With Jem and the Holograms coming to the big screen this fall, you’ll be at the top of the style game with this 80s-inspired look. Feel free to channel your inner Jem by snipping iridescent film (found at any craft store worth its salt) into thin, curved strips, and glue along the upper lash line with eyelash glue for some true “Showtime, Synergy” glam! For even more drama, pick a few iridescent shadows in outrageous holographic colors (purples, silvers, blues and fuchsias work great) and sweep over your lids from the inner corners to the outer corners, lid to just above the crease, while alternating colors. Blend well and add a touch of mascara and some shimmery liner for ultimate glam!

4. Scrunchies



You remember scrunchies, right? They were the best way to accessorize that awesome side ponytail! To bring this look current, try twisting your hair into a messy top bun and secure into place with a few scrunchies in contrasting colors. They also look great when added to a loose, messy, low-ponytail at the nape of your neck. Can’t find scrunchies? They’re super easy to make with a strip of your favorite fabric and a short length of elastic! Grab your sewing machine (or just a needle and thread) and have fun making scrunchies in all sorts of colors and patterns!

3. Crimped Hair



Back in the 80s and early 90s, crimped hair was all the rage. Everyone who was anyone owned a crimping iron and stylish girls were no strangers to spending an hour or more in front of the bathroom mirror making sure every strand was crimped before heading out the door. While a full head of crimped hair would be considered more of a fashion faux pas than an edgy style these days, adding a few strands of crimped hair can create a flirty mixed texture to your hair that’s right on trend. Try mixing in a few crimped strands along with relaxed curls or crimp a few sections before sweeping your hair back into a loose braid for a fun, modern twist on an old style!

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