5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Color

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Choosing the perfect hair color requires more than just picking a color that fits your mood at the moment. To pull off a color that flatters your features and looks great, a little planning and self inspection is required. Your hair type and health will also determine the type of coloring you should apply to ensure continued hair health. Remember, regardless of color, healthy hair is beautiful hair!

5. Permanent vs. Temporary

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Are you looking for a temporary change or experimenting with different looks? A temporary color may be the ideal choice for you! Temporary hair color usually washes out in about six washings, so you can change colors often without fear of damage to your hair. Semi-permanent color typically lasts for a few months, and permanent color actually changes the shaft of your hair permanently for long-lasting color, although new growth will always show your. So, which color type should you choose? If you want to try a trendy bright color, or if you are unsure about the results of a new shade on your hair, starting with temporary is a good idea.

4. Consider Your Skin Tone and Time of Year

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These rules are not hard and fast – after all, sometimes there is nothing more alluring than the contrast of black hair and pale skin, or blond hair and dark skin. For naturally beautiful results, however, take your skin tone into consideration when choosing your hair color. Warm skin tones look naturally beautiful in dark browns and golden blond shades. Cooler skin tones look naturally beautiful in lighter browns and blonds with red or honey highlights. The time of year should have weight in your choice of color, as well. Many people chose to go just a little lighter in the summer and a shade darker in the winter months.

3. Natural vs. Chemical Products

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There are many natural ways to color hair, including henna and lemon. Natural hair color products will be gentler on your hair than chemical products, but your options are greatly limited. Chemical products are harsher on your hair, but they can give you dramatic, fast and permanent results in a wider variety of colors than you’d get with henna and other natural products. Choose which one is right for you based on the current health of your hair, as well as the color you’re hoping to achieve!

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