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Does your car need new tires to get you safely through the winter? Unfortunately, the best time to find huge discounts on all-terrain tires was a couple months ago, when roads in most places were warm and dry. The tire companies know they can charge more when roads are more slippery and dangerous.

However, just because you waited too long to replace your tires doesn’t mean you’re out in the cold. With patience and a bit of extra work, you can still find cheap, high-quality tires to enhance the safety of your car, truck or SUV. Finding cheaper tires at this time of year may mean shopping at new stores or haggling with salespeople, but the discounts are there for those who know how to find them. Don’t wait too long, though – when driving in winter conditions, you don’t want your frugality to jeopardize your safety.

Listed here are our five best tips for getting cheap tires during the fall and winter:

Buy From Big Box Stores

Big box stores frequently have good deals on tires, and they’re more likely to have good deals during the autumn and winter months. The downside is they may not have the exact model and size that you’re seeking. If you see tires advertised that are just what you’re looking for, go to the store as soon as you possibly can because available inventory may be limited. Also, keep in mind that big box store prices are almost always not open to negotiation.

Know What You Want

Do your homework before going tire shopping. Check your tire size so you can confirm which stores offer the best prices for your needs. Decide in advance how much you’re willing to spend, but make certain that your price cutoff isn’t unrealistic. Doing some research on market values of the tires you want before you go shopping

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate Price

When you can find the prices you want, sometimes you need to force the issue. When shopping at dedicated tire stores, you’ll often find that salespeople and managers are willing to negotiate. Be warned, though, that being too pushy often won’t end well. Your best bet when haggling prices is to be friendly and personable, and don’t present your offer as an ultimatum. If you don’t get the price you want, you can leave behind a business card so they store manager can call you in case he or she has a change of heart. Many managers realize they’d rather have some profit than no profit at all.

Get Several Quotes

You’ll get a better deal on tires if you shop around and compare quotes. Call several tire stores in your area to get an idea of what the going rate is, and purchase your tires from the store that’s willing to give you the best deal. You can negotiate prices over the telephone as easily as you can in person, and doing so will save you the time and hassle of driving around to various retailers. Remember that many dealerships will meet the prices of their competition, so you may be able to purchase the tires of your choice for the same price at a nearby shop rather than the one all the way across town that’s having a sale.

Investigate Online Retailers

Online retailers often have far better deals than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, so make sure that you check these out before you make a final purchasing decision. Online tire dealerships will have the tires of your choice shipped directly to the auto shop that will be putting on the tires for you. You can also read customer reviews concerning the quality of the tires as well as the customer service of the company in question.

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