5 Tips to Make Airline Travel More Enjoyable



Traveling by airplane can be a harrowing experience for those of us who have a hard time being 30,000 in the air. But, flying doesn’t have to be a frightful experience. These travel tips are designed to bring you a bit of comfort, and yes even enjoyment during your next flight. Try these before, during and after take off next time you fly. Who knows, you may actually begin to enjoy flying!

5. Keep Your Mind Occupied



This is perhaps one the most important things to remember when flying. Try bringing your own entertainment rather than relying on the in-flight movie to distract you during the flight. In-flight entertainment be costly, so if you have a laptop or tablet, consider loading a few of your favorite movies, audiobooks or albums onto your device before you head to the airport. This will provide you with hours of entertainment to keep your mind off of flying. Don’t forget your earphones!

4. Consider Your Comfort Level



The airplane cabin area can be very dry and chilly. Always remember to take a light sweater, a good moisturizing lotion and bottled water with you onto the plane. You may also want to avoid wearing sandals, when possible, since most airplanes are cooled via vents along the floor. You can prepare for the change in cabin pressure by taking along some chewing gum, which is especially helpful during takeoff and landing. If your flight is long or you plan on taking a nap, bring your own travel pillow and a blanket for more comfortable dozing.

3. Have A Chat With The Person Next To You



Sometimes, all that’s needed to take your mind off of flying is a good conversation. Try striking up a casual conversation with the person seated next to you. Some people may not be interested in chatting, but others may be just as nervous as you and will welcome the distraction. You’re bound to meet some interesting people when you fly, and who knows? You may end up making a new friend or business connection! Just be sure to look for cues that can tell you whether the person is really interested in having a conversation, or is secretly hoping you’ll stop talking, and respond accordingly.

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