5 Warning Signs That Your Man Might Cheat



Long before he starts coming home late smelling of some other woman’s perfume, or becomes suddenly unreachable for hours at a time, even though he’s constantly on his phone when he’s around you, there are warning signs that your man might cheat on you. Of course, no one wants to believe their beloved would cheat, but according to experts, there are a few signs that make cheating a lot more likely. While these signs may not be reason to toss his belongings onto the front lawn, they should certainly be enough to keep you on your toes and prompt a conversation or two. Check out the five warning signs below!

5. He Spends a lot of Time With Someone Else



There’s nothing wrong with your guy having a few female friends, but if he’s spending a lot of time with one friend in particular, pay attention. You also shouldn’t assume that just because she’s not prettier than you, that you don’t have to worry. Guys are actually much more likely to cheat with the Plain Jane they see every day than with the office bombshell. If you notice he’s spending a lot of time with someone, especially outside of work or normal obligations, you might want to talk to him about your concerns.

4. His Friends Cheat



If your guy hangs out with friends who cheat on their partners, there’s a really good chance your man will cheat, as well, if he hasn’t already. In fact, studies show that a whopping 77 percent of men who cheat also have friends who cheat. Birds of a feather, right? Not only is he surrounding himself with individuals who cheat, but he’ll also have a sure-fire alibi if he needs one. Keep in mind that not every guy with a cheating friend is going to cheat, too, but if your beau doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that his friend is cheating on someone, that’s a giant, glaring warning sign of things ahead.

3. He Gets Jealous Easily and Often



Funny enough, cheaters tend to be more jealous of their partners than non-cheaters. This is most likely due to insecurity about the relationship in general or guilty feelings about cheating. Either way, if he’s acting unusually possessive or jealous, especially if the behavior seems to be coming out of nowhere, there’s a chance that something may be going on. If you notice that he’s been acting a bit jealous lately, consider having a long talk about why he’s feeling that way. Keep in mind that feelings of jealousy can also be caused by other factors, so having a jealous partner doesn’t mean he’s definitely cheating. Try going into the conversation with an open mind, and never start off by accusing him of being a cheater.

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