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Sometimes it can be downright difficult to get enough fiber in your diet. Many of us take supplements to boost our fiber intake, but many of the foods Americans frequently indulge on (especially during the holiday season) aren’t necessarily packed with fiber. Roast beef, turkey, gravy, fudge, hard candy, mashed potatoes and cheeses won’t be good for your digestive system without enough fiber from other sources.

Breakfast cereals are a great way to start the day with a good dose of fiber, and can be a helpful weight loss aid because of their ability to keep us fuller for longer. Fiber takes longer to pass through the digestive system, reducing the likelihood of you craving something sweet and high in calories. It’s recommended to consume at least 18g of fiber every day, and some cereals provide most of that amount with just one or two servings. The type of cereal we choose makes a huge difference. Some fiber-rich breakfast cereals are loaded in sugar to make them more palatable. On the flip side, other high-fiber cereals taste like cardboard and are difficult to choke down.

To help you decide what to look for, here are six high-fiber breakfast cereals that all have a minimum of 10g of fiber per 100g of cereal. Get ready to stick to your 2015 New Year’s fitness resolution with the help of high-fiber cereals.

Fiber One

When it comes to jacking up the amount of fiber you ingest in a day, Fiber One is among the best cereals you can eat in the morning. This cereal contains a whopping 14g of fiber in just half a cup and only 60 calories, adding up to much more than the recommended daily intake when you consume one full cup with milk. Not only that, but there are zero grams of sugar, making it a great fit for a healthy diet. You might even choose to use this cereal to sprinkle over top another food for breakfast, such as yogurt. With some cold milk and fresh fruit, this makes a delicious way to start the day.

Weetabix Crunchy Bran

This crunchy, high-fiber cereal provides a tasty way to get your fiber for the day. An 80g serving contains 14g of fiber, 11.4g of sugar, and 280 calories. It’s not only loaded with fiber, but also contains wheat bran, oat bran and whole wheat. Crunchy Bran is a tasty version of the original Weetabix, but still comes packed with a big fiber punch in a tasty bowl.

Kellogg’s All Bran

This cereal has been a favorite for decades, and offers 20g of fiber in one cup, 12g of sugar and 160 calories. They’re similar in shape and size to Fiber One, but Kellogg’s has been adding a number of variations to the original All Bran to spice things up, including All Bran Buds, Complete Wheat Flakes and Strawberry Medley. You can eat this cereal on its own, or sprinkle it on yogurt, granola and honey for a delicious combination.

Grape Nuts

This breakfast cereal is another old favorite, and has been on kitchen tables since 1898. There’s a reason why this cereal has been around for over a century. Aside from its sweet, nutty flavor, Grape Nuts is a great way to mount up your dietary fiber in one sitting, with 14g of fiber per cup. This cereal also comes in a flaked cereal version for those looking for a different texture. This cereal is quite dense, so you don’t need a great amount to get your fiber and filling. Be wary of the calorie count, as they can add up pretty quickly – each 1/2 cup contains 210 calories.

Shredded Wheat

Yet another cult classic, Shredded Wheat is an ideal way to get your digestive tract in order and satisfy your early morning hunger in one simple bowl. A 100g serving of Shredded Wheat contains 14g of fiber, as well as a 9 vitamins and minerals. You can jazz this cereal up in a number of creative, delicious ways, including drizzling honey over it, and sprinkling blueberries and raspberries for a tasty, hearty breakfast loaded in fiber.

Quaker High-Fiber Instant Oatmeal

With 20g of fiber per 100g, Quaker High-Fiber Instant Oatmeal definitely makes the cut for this list. While regular oatmeal can be a little bland, this version is a great-tasting alternative. The brand also has a Cinnamon Swirl version in addition to the already awesome-tasting Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal. You may find this cereal has a tad more sugar than you would prefer (14g per 100g serving), but it is quite filling and don’t take much to get your fill.

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