6 Easy Steps to Perfect Brows




Envious of those perfect eyebrows some women seem to always have, but can’t quite figure out how to bring your A-game in the brow department? Maybe you’ve played around with the tweezers and a drug-store brow pencil a time or two, but couldn’t seem to get those brows to look right no matter how hard you tried. Sound familiar? Good news! Getting great brows is way easier than you might think, if you know a few tricks of the trade! Keep reading to learn the six easy steps to getting those unruly brows on point in no time flat!

6. Keep Them Groomed!



If you want great eyebrows, the first step is keeping them well-groomed and trimmed. If you haven’t had your brows shaped in a while, your best bet is to go to a salon for professional shaping. This will give shape to your brows that can be easily maintained at home with minimal effort. If you choose to do them on your own at home, however, be careful not to over-pluck them, which can leave brows sparse and shapeless. In addition to shaping, the brows should also be trimmed to keep them looking neat. A pair of cuticle or eyebrow scissors should do the trick.

5. Find Your Perfect Arch



Even after your brows have been shaped through waxing, tweezing or threading, you’ll need to define the shape carefully when doing your eyebrow makeup. To find out where your brow should arch, take a pencil or makeup brush and place it vertically on the tip of your nose, then, without lifting the pencil off your nose, rotate it diagonally until it crosses over your iris. The point of your brow where the pencil lands is where your ideal arch should be. Move the pencil a bit further until it crosses the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should end. To find where your brow should start, rest the pencil or brush vertically on the very edge of the tip of your nose until it touches your brow bone. Where the pencil or brush lands is where your eyebrows should start.

4. Choose Your Tools Carefully



Having proper tools is key to perfectly shaped brows, and there are many tools and makeup products to choose from. Some people do best with a simple eyebrow pencil while others prefer to use a brush and powder or cream. Others may use a mix of both. Experiment a little to find what works best for you. Regardless of the type of makeup or brush you use, you should always have an eyebrow comb or spoolie handy (an old, clean mascara wand works nicely for this) for brushing your brows into shape before and after you’ve applied product.

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