6 Epic Outdoor Adventures in the United States



For some people, escaping the daily grind means retreating to a beach resort in search of endless days of sipping pina coladas and bronzing on the beach. But for many others, the escape from the concrete jungle means getting the ultimate adrenaline rush on the side of a mountain, through a rough river, or across snowy peaks. Luckily for these adventurists, there are plenty of awesome spots right here in the US to satisfy their inner daredevil. Read on to see our picks for the most epic outdoor adventures in the United States.

6. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona



While its name has the word “grand” in it, the adjective really doesn’t do this majestic place any justice. Measuring up to 18 miles wide and one mile deep, this gargantuan crevasse in northern Arizona is one of the nation’s most impressive natural wonders. The Grand Canyon expanded over six million years thanks largely to the Colorado River.

For centuries, visitors from all over the world have made the trek to witness this 277 mile-long chasm and to have a gander at its amazing red and orange color spectrum. Other than just having a look, adventurists can take a rafting trip down the Colorado River, do some hiking, and even camp out in the backwoods.

 5. Yosemite National Park, California



One of California’s most awe-inspiring landscapes, Yosemite National Park boasts mountains, meadows, huge trees and a plethora of waterfalls – all within a short drive from San Francisco. There are tons of opportunities for hiking, biking, and even horseback riding. Although Yosemite takes up nearly 1,200 square miles of formidable space, the majority of tourist activity happens within a 7-square mile area in the Valley.

It’s in this valley where you’ll find the park’s infamous landmarks, including El Capitan, a 3,000-foot vertical rock formation. Advanced and inexperienced hikers alike can enjoy Yosemite’s trails, with guided tours and climbing lessons offered from local outfitters. Yosemite’s 750+ miles of hiking trails will take you years to cover, so it’s wise to get the assistance of a park ranger to give you a recommended time to visit the vast park.

4. Yellowstone National Park



This majestic park isn’t just located in one state, In fact, it crosses state lines in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, although the majority of it lies in Wyoming. Yellowstone is the outdoor enthusiast’s haven. There is so much unspoiled beauty to be marvelled out as you take a trek thorough the natural monuments, from the multi-hued pools and hot springs, to the lush forests weaving through picturesque meadows. As you make your way through all these landscapes, get ready to embark across some of the park’s permanent residents, including elk, buffalo, and even grizzly bears.

Pristine lakes and jagged cliff peaks make for the perfect backdrop against which outdoor enthusiasts can embark on a trek through the waterfalls, hot springs and forests. While there are some well-known hot spots in Yellowstone – like Yellowstone Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs – consider checking out some lesser known regions, such as the Lewis River Channel and Dogshead Loop for wildlife, or the West Thumb Geyser Basin for hot springs.

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