6 Money-Saving Hacks for Ski Season



Hoping to hit the slopes before ski season ends? While running away for a weekend of skiing may seem like a great idea, the costs can really add up, especially if you don’t have your own gear and apparel. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to go skiing on a budget, even if you don’t own a single piece of ski equipment and your warmest jacket is basically a hoodie. Check out these six hacks that will get you on the slopes without breaking the bank!

6. Rent Your Gear Early



Renting your gear in advance can save you both time and money once you get to the ski area. Many ski rental shops offer discounts for  reserving gear early, and a few will actually deliver the gear right to you, so you can skip the long lines and paperwork and get right to the fun. Check local ski shops in the area to find out if any of them offer special discounts or promotions for early rentals, and don’t forget to check online ski rental delivery services, as well!

5. Pack a Lunch



Buying lunch at the resort can get pricey, especially if you’re traveling with your family. Besides, who wants to spend extra money on a meal that will be eaten quickly for the sake of getting back out on the slopes as fast as possible? Instead of spending extra money on your mid-day meal, consider whipping up a few sandwiches for everyone before you head out for a day of skiing. That way, you can easily stop for a quick lunch without going all the way back to the lodge, and you’ll also save quite a bit of money. Sandwiches also happen to fit perfectly in the side pockets of most ski pants, but if that doesn’t work, a small backpack will usually do the trick.

4. Buy Used Apparel



Ski apparel can be pretty pricey, and not everyone can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on clothes they’ll wear once or twice per year. Instead of going all out with brand new apparel, look into purchasing your ski apparel used, instead. This becomes even more important if you plan to take your kiddos skiing with you, since they grow quickly and any investment you make in kid’s apparel is likely to be short-lived. eBay and Craig’s List are both great places to look for used apparel and gear, and you’re likely to find some great deals. If you strike out looking for used apparel to buy, you can also try renting from one of the several online ski apparel sites.

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