5 Things Your Relationship Needs to Succeed



In the beginning, a relationship can feel so easy and comfortable, you’ll wonder why people always tell you that relationships are hard work. That honeymoon period doesn’t last forever, however, and eventually every relationship needs a little work to keep things going. Healthy relationships aren’t all sunshine and roses all the time, but they do have certain components that ensure the relationship will last, regardless of a few rough patches now and then. Here are the five things every relationship needs to survive, and how you can work to incorporate them into your own relationship.

5. Communication



One of the most critical components of any relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. Knowing how to state your ideas and feelings clearly, and to really hear what your partner is communicating to you, is key to keeping your relationship alive. No relationship can exist in a vacuum. Relationships exist between two (or more) people who all come to the relationship with different experiences, needs, goals and expectations, and the only way to make sure everyone is getting what they want and need out of the relationship is to communicate. If your relationship lacks open and honest communication, chances of success are slim to none.

4. Willingness



Both parties in the relationship needs to have a willingness to put in the work to make the relationship succeed. Sometimes that might mean sticking around when things get tough, or putting your own feelings aside for a moment while you work on an issue together. Like communication, however, willingness has to come from both of you. Having just one person willing to make a relationship work would be like having a car that only had working tires on one side. In either scenario, chances are good you’ll crash and burn.

3. Humor



Relationships can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so serious all the time. Spending time enjoying each other’s company and laughing a little is a great way to connect and strengthen your bond. Laughter can also help reduce stress and tension, elevate your mood and boost energy, all of which can be beneficial to your relationship. While humor isn’t a magic cure for anything and everything that could be wrong in your relationship, having a good laugh together can ease the mood and put you both in a better emotional space to deal with issues as they arise.

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