7 Tips for Wearing Vintage Like a Pro



Wearing vintage clothing, when done correctly, can add a unique and fun twist to your wardrobe. Done poorly, however, you run the risk of looking like you’ve stepped out in costume, rather than the flirty, vintage style you were going for. So how do you wear vintage without looking like you raided the costume closet of the local high school theater department? Check out the seven tips below and get ready to have a little fun with style!

7. Choose Pieces That Work with Current Trends



Most current fashion trends are inspired by vintage fashion, so finding pieces that work with current trends shouldn’t be difficult. Pieces that are on trend are far less likely to look costume-y and will flow more seamlessly with your overall look. From blouses to skirts, pants and even coats, adding a bit of vintage flair to current style is a great way to look pulled together, while giving your entire outfit a more timeless look.

6. Keep Hair and Makeup Simple and Contemporary



Don’t go overboard with the vintage-inspired look by trying to replicate every fine detail of the era, because turning yourself into a carbon-copy of a 50s housewife will definitely look like you’re in costume and running late to rehearsal. Instead, keep your hair and makeup contemporary and simple. Opt for a sleeked back bun with that dashing little 60s number you love, and don’t be afraid to pair up a sultry smokey eye with that chic Edwardian blouse.

5. Stick to Modern Accessories



As with hair and makeup, pairing modern accessories with vintage pieces can mellow out the whole look, making you look more like a chic fashionista and less like an extra on the set of Mad Men. Try pairing that cute little 50s summer dress with some modern shoes, belt and sunglasses for a more updated and inspired look. To keep everything looking streamlined, choose accessories in a color that matches, or at least complements, the vintage piece. When in doubt, opt for black!

4. Mix Vintage Pieces with Newer Pieces



Ignore the urge to pair your vintage skirt with your vintage blouse and your vintage hat and a pair of vintage shoes, and opt instead to pair your favorite vintage pieces with modern items. A vintage blouse paired with a modern skirt will look lovely, without crossing over into era-themed party territory. This is also an easy way to start incorporating your favorite vintage pieces into your wardrobe, without diving in head first or showing up to work looking like you forgot which year it is.

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