8 Common Mistakes in Long-Distance Relationships



There’s no reason to sugarcoat it; long distance relationships aren’t easy. It’s an incredibly rough road that many don’t dare travel. But if you feel you’ve found a partnership than can last for a lifetime, sometimes a long-distance relationship is the only way forward. Relationships face greater peril when partners are at a distance. People are more likely to be unfaithful or simply grow apart. Even when talking by phone or by email, problems can creep up on couples who can’t spend quality time together. If you’re in a long distance relationship – or if you’re contemplating whether to be in one – be sure to avoid these red flags that could spell doom for your relationship.

8. Forgetting to Involve Your Partner



Distance can force two people to live very separate lives. It may soon feel like the decisions you make are no longer connected to your partner. However, it’s important to remember that even if there’s a distance between you and your significant other, you’re still in a relationship together. Decisions that you make might affect both of you. If nothing else, involving your partner in important life choices will keep you both feeling like a team, not separate individuals.

7. Waiting Too Long to Visit



When thinking about what’s best for your budget, you may be inclined to save your pennies and vacation days for a longer visit with your loved one. However, if at all feasible, visiting whenever you can is the better options. A lot can change in a person’s life very quickly. If you take too long to visit, you risk coming to visit a partner that is very different than what you remember. This won’t always lead to a break up, of course, but it’s always best to grow and change with your partner, rather than having to synchronize every time you get a chance to meet up.

6. Not Making Time



People who live apart often get so wrapped up in their separate personal lives that they don’t leave time for each other. Sometimes, yes, you may have to put your partner second in order to function in your everyday life. However, in order to keep your relationship healthy and strong, you will need to do everything you can to work “relationship time” into your schedule, even if all you can do are phone calls or video chats. You’re already distant physically; don’t become distant emotionally, as well.

5. Forgetting Important Dates



Time can pass quickly when you’re apart, and you can quickly lose track of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries or other relationship-specific holidays. When you’re together, you are given much more frequent opportunities to remember these dates. But when your partner isn’t a part of your every day, missing these dates can be easy. Long-distance relationships already put a strain on both partners, and forgetting an important date might make your partner feel like a lower priority.

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