8 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Men



Take a look at television, advertising or pretty much anywhere on the Internet, and you’re bound to see common misconceptions pop up about men. Misconceptions that have become so common, in fact, that many women (and men!) now believe them to be fact. While there will always be men who proudly live up to the stereotypes, the truth is most men are just as complex and complicated as women, and a lot of them would like you to stop believing all the myths that portray them as shallow neanderthals incapable of any sort of real emotions. Below are the top eight myths about men you should stop believing right now.

8. Men Are Afraid of Commitment



Ask several women whether they think most men are afraid of commitment, and you’ll probably get a resounding “yes!” from most of them, but what studies actually show is that men are more likely to want to settle down faster than women do. Men typically want to move in sooner and are also bigger fans of public affection. So, if your man just can’t seem to commit, don’t blame the entire male population. It could be that he really isn’t ready to settle down right now, or he might just not be that into you. Either way, if you’re ready to settle down and he’s not, it might be time to re-evaluate the relationship, but don’t assume the failure to commit is a flaw inherent to all men.

7. Men Don’t Have a ‘Biological Clock’



Just like women, men tend to want to settle down and have children, but the big misconception is that men don’t feel a biological need to reproduce, which is simply not true. Research has shown that a man’s age may affect not only the ability to have a child, but also the health of the child, which could be the driving force behind the male biological clock. Interestingly, men’s biological clocks tend to kick in right around the time that women’s biological clocks start to wind down (around age 40) – a fact that could explain the misconception.

6. Men are Less Romantic than Women



How many times have you heard your girlfriends complain that their men are failing in the romance department? It’s no surprise that this myth has gained traction, but studies actually show that men have a more romantic outlook on love than women do – they just show it differently. Men tend to have a more romantic view of love, and are more likely to believe in “love at first sight,” but may not always be great with the big romantic gestures. Perhaps the real problem is that women assume romantic feelings must be expressed through flowers, dreamy dates or expensive jewelry, perpetuating the myth that men are simply incapable of romance.

5. Men Always Prefer No-Strings-Attached Relationships



Are there men who prefer no-strings-attached over commitment? Absolutely. There are plenty of women who prefer it, as well. Part of this misconception can be blamed on the rise in popularity of Internet dating sites – specifically sites designed for finding hook-ups rather than long-term relationships. If your assumptions are based on that particular dating pool, of course you’ll assume that all men want is a one-night-stand, but there are plenty of men out there looking for real relationships, so don’t assume that every man wants the no-strings-attached relationship, unless he specifically tells you that’s what he’s looking for!

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