8 Quick Hairstyles for the Office

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Hairstyles for the office don’t have to be boring, generic or time consuming! They can be quick, easy, and fashionable all while fitting perfectly into a professional environment. Hairstyles should be practical and comfortable during the course of the workday, while also giving you a polished, professional appearance. There is, however, some room for individual style and personality to shine through. Before work, time can sometimes be in short supply. Check out the slideshow for hairstyles can be done quickly and easily, without sacrificing style!

8. The Classic Bun

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The bun is a quick, easy style that is both versatile and professional. Simply add a small amount of hair cream or serum to your hair and brush it back into a ponytail. Use a tighter ponytail to create a neat, polished bun and a looser ponytail for a softer look. Starting at the base of the ponytail, roll the hair over around itself into a neat ball and pin in place. For a polished look, finish the look with hairspray and pin loose hairs. Adding bangs or soft tendril curls can soften the look.

7. The Side Braid

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The side braid is another easy hairstyle that is both quick and appropriate for the workplace. The look works whether or not you have bangs, and is best suited for longer hair. The hair can either be parted, or pulled back and swept to the side. The loose hair should then be braided tightly or loosely, depending on the look you want, and finished with a pin or small band to hold the braid together. Finish the hair with a light shine spray to add a little extra sheen to the style.

6. The Up-Do

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Up-do’s really allow your personality to shine through! They can be pinned up, braided or held together by clips. Hair can be curled or straight and the style can be straight and sleek or soft and romantic. Bangs can be slicked back and clipped up for an entirely pulled back look, or brushed to the side. Bluntly cut bangs can be brushed forward for an forehead grazing, chic style. Different hair clips and accessories, like headbands, can add a bit of personality to the style. The up-do can be higher up on the head for a more elegant look, or midway down for a more casual appearance.

5. Sleek and Straight

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This classic look is both simple and stunning, and works with any length of hair. For straight hair, simply blow-dry wet hair after applying a little shine serum, and, if needed, touch up any areas with a flat iron. For wavy or curly hair, clean hair should be blow-dried straight and finished with a flat iron. Smooth over a silicon serum to maintain the style. The straightened hair can be parted in the middle or on the side with a deep part depending on personal preference. If your hair is curly, a similar style can be done to embrace your natural texture. Wet hair should be treated with a cream or mousse and dried using a diffuser. Simply rub serum over the style to add shine and keep the style fizz free.

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