8 Reasons You’re Never Too Old for Pilates

4. Circulation and Breathing



Pilates teaches you a better way to help your body get the oxygen it needs by improving breathing techniques for maximum efficiency. Improved breathing leads to increased circulation, which results in better overall performance.

3. Relaxation



Stress is a common thread to all ailments of the human condition. Pilates promotes control and reduction of stress to the mind and the body. Relaxation must be learned and practiced, just like any other skill you wish to master. Remember, Pilates is about process and this can be achieved at your own pace and timing.

2. Focus



Focus is important when implementing and maintaining a relationship between mind, body, and spirit. You must be able to channel energy where it is needed and also be able to disperse it. Certain exercises promote specific results. You focus on particular systems by using specific exercises to produce a desired effect. This only possible through focus and awareness.

1. Awareness



Pilates increases your awareness of your body and how it works. This can only help your life experience by ensuring that your body is performing as well as possible on a conscious level. It means you will be making an effort to decrease bad habits and increase good ones. Get in tune with your mind and body!

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