8 Romantic Activities to Enjoy on Vacation

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Dreaming of a romantic couple’s getaway? Planning a romance-filled adventure with your sweetheart is a great way to reconnect and spend some quality time together without the distractions of daily life! But how do you make your vacation truly romantic? Finding the perfect destination for your getaway is great, but it’s what you do when you reach your destination that can truly make your romantic vacation an affair to remember! As you and your significant other plan your excursion, consider the following activities to add a little spark to your travels!

8. Wander the Streets

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If you’re staying in a city, you may feel inclined to visit all the local romantic landmarks. New York has the iconic Empire State Building, and Paris has the Eiffel tower. However, these tourist hotspots can get crowded, and big crowds are anything but intimate. Instead, leave the car behind and enjoy a long stroll with your loved one. Spontaneity can spark excitement in your relationship. Stop by a restaurant or bar on a whim, and find something that you would both enjoy that you may not have found otherwise. Share an experience that’s unique to your relationship.

7. Follow the Music

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Dancing is always a fun, exciting way to spend time with your significant other, especially when on vacation. Find a nightclub to really get your heart pumping, or slow it down at a concert in a small bar or restaurant. To really impress your date, take her to a street fair or outdoor music festival where you can dance beneath the stars.

6. Bundle Up

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Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do is spend time together in silence. Much like the coffee shop experience, nothing is cozier than bundling up in something warm, sitting in a comfortable chair and settling down with your favorite books or a movie. Depending on the atmosphere you’re craving, you can spend the night at home in your hotel room (bonus points if your room has a fireplace) or find a bench overlooking a landmark or beautiful vista to enjoy each other’s close company.

5. Go to the Beach

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When thinking of a relaxing, romantic getaway, what’s more picture-perfect than lounging with your partner on sunny beach with cool drinks in hand? Hanging out, riding horses or playing sports on the beach are great ways to get out and spend time together. If the water is warm enough, you can even try surfing or snorkeling. And if the weather isn’t nice enough to enjoy the water, walking the beach is a good outdoor alternative.

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