8 Things You Should Do When Going On A Blind Date



Going on a blind date can be exciting and terrifying at the same time, and expectations can run the gamut from horrible to fairytale. Whether your date is someone your friend thought you might hit it off with, or a stranger you met through a dating service, your nerves are no doubt going to be a bit frazzled leading up to the big date. Pour yourself a glass off wine, take a deep breath and relax! Here are 8 things you should do when going on a blind date, to ensure everything goes off without a hitch!

8. Keep Your Expectations in Check



Spending a little time thinking about what your blind date might be like is normal, but make sure to keep your expectations in check. Obsessing over every little detail that may or may not happen on your date will only serve to stress you out, and expecting the worst (or even the best) will keep you from really enjoying your date. Your best bet is to go into the date with nothing more than the expectation of meeting and getting to know someone new, and see where things go from there!

7. Do Your Research, but Don’t be a Stalker



You already know you’re going to look your date up on social media to scope him out before the big date, but try to keep your online stalking to a minimum (actual stalking is out of the question entirely). It’s one thing to know a little about him, so you know if you have anything in common, but spending three hours going through every photo and post he’s ever put on Facebook crosses the line into obsessive. Stick to finding out the basics, like what he looks like and what kind of music he listens to, and steer clear of full-on cyber stalking, at least until the second date.

6. Make Contact



There’s probably a rule out there somewhere that says you shouldn’t make contact before the date, but this isn’t the 50s and that rule is obsolete. Feel free to text or call your date beforehand to discuss plans and connect a little before you meet up. Not only will this this ease nerves a bit (for both of you), but it will also give you two a chance to hash out what the big date should entail. Making contact before the date also gives you the chance to scope things out and make sure your well-meaning friend was right when she said this guy is perfect for you, as well as the opportunity to call things off if you feel uncomfortable with the set up.

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