8 Tips to Help You Love Your Mornings

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If you’re not a morning person, falling in love with your morning routine may sound like wishful thinking. Learning to love your  mornings is possible, however, if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. Stop hitting the snooze button repeatedly and rolling out of bed irritated that you can’t get just a few more minutes of sleep before rushing out the door, and try easing into your mornings, instead.  Follow these eight tips to transform your mornings into a time you enjoy, rather than dread!

8. Wake Up Earlier

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While waking up earlier may seem like the exact opposite of what you want to do every morning, giving yourself extra time in the mornings can really help set the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re not a morning person, you’re probably familiar with crawling out of bed at the last second you possibly can while still getting to work on time. Once your feet hit the floor, everything is rushed. Shower, get dressed, brush your hair, grab a cup of coffee to go and fly out the door. All that rushing around is probably a big part of why you hate mornings in the first place. Instead, set your alarm for an hour earlier and give yourself the time to wake up properly each morning. You’ll find that easing into your day is much better than rushing frantically out the door, and you’ll have time to actually enjoy your morning routine!

7. Use Affirmations

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It may sound cheesy, but waking up every morning to a positive affirmation can do wonders for setting your mood as you wake up. If you use your phone as your alarm, set the alarm text to something affirming and empowering to start out your day. Waking up to a message that says “You’re going to rock this day!” not only gets your brain thinking about the day ahead of you, but instantly puts a positive spin on everything. If you can’t set text for your alarm, use post-it notes or a small chalkboard next to your bed, so a positive message is the first thing you see when you open your eyes every morning.

6. Step Outside

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Wrap yourself in a cozy sweater or your favorite blanket, put the coffee on and step outside. You’ll be amazed at what fresh air and early-morning sunshine can do for your mood in the morning. Listen to the sounds around you and greet the world as its just waking up. Spend a few minutes sitting on your front porch or step out onto the wet grass with bare feet. The cool morning air will help wake up your senses and leave you ready to face your day.

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