15 Celebs We Heard Totally Suck in the Sack

Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Announce Winner Of HBO's 'Project Greenlight' Season 4

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Speculation on the sex lives of the famous has always been with us, from the whisperings on the behavior of the Roman emperors (well, the public sexual frolics of Caligula hardly needed whispering, he pretty much shouted about it himself) to the appearance of the bane of celebrities everywhere, the fan magazine. Since the first movie camera recorded the first attractive actress, we have had the fan magazine. Through these magazines our murmured fascinations with the private bedroom behaviors of the stars of our film entertainments, music and our sports have been brought forward in articles, exposes, confessions and ‘tell-alls’. And we bought them then by the millions, and we buy them now. Or read them on in ‘breaking news’ updates online.

Yes, we all have our celebrity crushes, but what if you found, though all these sources,  that your favorite hottie on screen is a ‘nottie’  in the sack? You might be surprised by what former lovers have to say about some of your favorite celebrities! Did your celebrity crush make this list? Do you dare to find out and be disappointed, or maybe smile in schadenfreude? Check out the slide show to find out!

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First up: Bradley Cooper

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