9 Common Mistakes When Planning a Wedding



Planning a wedding can be one of the most joyous and exciting times in your life, but making sure everything is perfect for your big day can also be really stressful and even take a toll on the relationship, if you aren’t careful. From choosing the guest list to finding the perfect dress, there’s a lot that goes into planning your dream wedding, and getting swept up in every small detail can mean making some rookie mistakes. Before you start calling venues and inviting everyone you’ve ever met since grade school, take a few moments to make sure you have a solid plan, and that you’re prepared to avoid these very common wedding planning mistakes.

9. Hoping Some Guests Won’t Come



One major mistake many couples make when planning their wedding is hoping that not everyone on the guest list actually shows up to the wedding. This often stems from a basic rule of party planning, which says you should only expect roughly two-thirds of your invited guests to attend the event. This might work well when estimating how many bottles of wine to buy for a dinner party, but you can run into real trouble if you apply this same rule to your wedding planning. This can also happen when you end up inviting someone to your wedding who you don’t really want to attend. As a general rule of thumb, plan to accommodate every single person you invite to your wedding (unless they decline), and if you really don’t want someone there, don’t invite them to attend.

8. Looking for the Lowest Bidders



There’s a big difference between shopping for the best deals and shopping for the cheapest options. This is your big day. Perhaps the day you’ve dreamed of your entire life! So, don’t make the mistake of throwing important details of your big day to the lowest bidder, hoping for a decent outcome. Remember, you get what you pay for, and this is just as true for wedding planning. Make sure to do your research, talk to past clients and absolutely don’t settle for anything you don’t feel comfortable with, just because the price is right. With enough research and diligence, you’re bound to find a supplier or service that’s right for your wedding needs and your budget.

7. Opting for an Open Bar



Who doesn’t love an open bar, right? No doubt your guests will be excited when they learn you’ve got an open bar planned for your big day, and while no one will intentionally try to drive your financial future into the ground, one scotch at a time, there’s a good chance it could happen if you aren’t careful. Most couples vastly under-estimate the cost of an open bar and end up reeling from the actual cost later on. If you really want a bar at the reception, consider a cash bar instead. If your heart is set on the idea of an open bar, consider including only beer and wine or specific types of alcohol. You may even be able to find a bartender that will let you purchase all the alcohol yourself to save a few extra dollars. If you’re dead-set on a no-holds-barred open bar, make certain you’ve budgeted for it appropriately!

6. Refusing Professional Help When Needed



If you’re naturally great at organizing and never lose your cool in the face of stress and chaos, then you might be perfectly suited to planning your own wedding without any outside help. If you’re anything like the rest of us, however, letting a professional take over certain tasks can be an absolute lifesaver. Remember, this is supposed to be your special day, and having to run around taking care of a hundred different things, even on the day of the wedding itself, can really take away from the whole experience. If you’re on a tight budget, consider asking a few friends to chip in and help you plan and organize, or even take over certain aspects of the planning process, so you aren’t stuck taking on the whole task by yourself!

5. Buying a Too-Small Dress



You wouldn’t be the first bride to have big plans to drop a few pounds before her big day, but buying a dress based on the size you hope to be is a terrible idea. If you’re really committed to dropping the pounds, schedule a fitting close to your wedding day to have the dress taken in, but always make sure you buy the right size when you initially purchase your dress. After all, taking your dress in an inch or two won’t be such a big deal, but needing to add on an inch or two can be difficult, if not impossible. This doesn’t just go for brides, either. Bridesmaids, your maid of honor and even the mother of the bride should heed this advice, so no one is left sporting an ill-fitting gown in your treasured wedding photos later on!

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