9 Diet Hacks For Healthier Eating



Most people strive to eat a healthier diet, but many fail when trying to make drastic dietary changes all at once, which leads to feeling discouraged and ultimately giving up altogether. Why not change things up a little by making small, healthy dietary changes you can stick with? Check out the slideshow for our tips!

9. Make Small Swaps



Small swaps are a great way to continue enjoying the foods you love, while still adding healthy food items to your diet. Try swapping out quinoa, which is high in protein and vitamins, for plain white rice.  Craving pizza? Opt for thin crust and light cheese, instead!

8. Keep Fruit on Your Counters



One of the biggest problems people run into when trying to stick to a diet is finding foods that are both nutritious and convenient. Keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter or table can help you avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks, while still offering plenty of convenience. Just grab and go!

7. Choose Carbs Carefully



There’s no reason to avoid carbs entirely – just be careful about which carbs you choose to eat. Opt for whole wheat bread instead of white, for example, or go for brown rice with your Asian cuisine.

6. Keep Portions in Check



If you’re planning on dining out, try to have a snack before you go, so long wait times don’t tempt you to over-indulge. When it comes time to order, ask the waiter to box up half your order to go. Chances are you’ll never miss the other half (but will probably eat it if it’s in front of you) and you’ll get two meals for the price of one!

5. Add Your Own Sides



If you’re craving a burger or your favorite Chinese take-out, consider adding the sides yourself. Instead of fries, opt for some fresh vegetables, instead. You’ll still get to indulge your craving, without going overboard on unhealthy fats and calories.

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